TMF Waterproofing Course Filtration Test

Environmental technologies

  • T. S. Navasardyan National Politechnical University of Armenia
Keywords: underground waters, filtration waters, piezometer, waterproofing course, particle-size study, clay.


The analysis of TMF waterproofing layer filtration properties is carried out. As a result of implementation of underground water sampling and survey, it is found that filtration waters of TMF flow into the underground waters. To find out the cause of contamination and for the detailed survey of the waterproofing course sampling from TMF dam and bottom was carried out, using a rotary drilling machine. Samples were checked in the laboratory, the result of the analysis of the obtained data was investigated, and the main reason of discharge was found.

Author Biography

T. S. Navasardyan, National Politechnical University of Armenia

Navasardyan Taron Simon