• С. А. Джилавян Ереванский государственный университет
  • А. С. Саргсян Ереванский государственный университет
Keywords: piezoelectric, shear, vibrations, surface waves, electroelasticity.


It is known that the issues of studying patterns and identifying features of disturbances in elastic dielectric media during the interaction of elastic and electroelastic fields are of scientific interest, therefore, they are among the urgent problems of mechanics of solid deformable bodies. Studies of the processes of vibration and propagation of electro-elastic waves in an inhomogeneous medium with a piezoelectric effect are closely related to the development of
electroacoustics, piezotechnics and measuring instruments. Obviously, the possibilities of modern technology for creating constructively heterogeneous materials for engineering practice have increased. The results of the problem of the propagation of shear vibrations in a composite piezoelectric space considered in the present paper can be used for studying applicable problems of propagation of electroelastic localized and volume waves. A linear mechanical
oscillation source acts in the composite piezoelectric space. The inhomogeneity of the medium with a 6mm symmetry, the piezoelectric effect and the presence of a power source lead to significant changes in the wave field. The coherence of the physical fields is due to the propagation of surface (localized) waves with particle displacements in the direction of the symmetry of the crystal. The problem of the interaction of different fields of physical origin in solids is interesting
from the point of view of continuum mechanics and mathematical physics, and of course, it is very important while designing engineering-physical devices and studying the principles of operation of new modern acoustoelectric devices. The paper studies the linear interaction of the electric and mechanical fields in the contact of two piezoelectric half-spaces, under the action of a linear source of steady-state mechanical perturbations in one of the half-spaces, and an electroelastic wave field is constructed in a composite piezoelectric space.