• А. Г. Оганесян Национальный политехнический университет Армении
  • А. З. Цатрян Национальный политехнический университет Армении
Keywords: deposit, open-pit, price, costs, ore, profit, copper, stripping ratio.


The substantiation problem of the optimal contours of the Kashen copper-molybdenum open-pit, functioning on the basis of the ore of the eponymous copper-molybdenum mine is considered. This deposit is located in Republic of Artsakh and is represented by oxidized, altered and secondary oxidized zones. According to the morphology, the Kashen copper- 0 . The development of economic-mathematical models for determining the optimal boundaries of open works for the given mine under different scenarios of world metal prices is very relevant, since the ore reserves in the bowels, on the basis of which the mining enterprise is projected, depend on the limits of the content of useful components, the magnitude of which is directly proportional to the specific incremental costs of extraction and processing of ore, and inversely proportional to the metal prices. The economic-mathematical models, depending on the price of 1 ton for refined copper (Pm=3,000 $/ton, Pm=5,000 $/ton, Pm=7000 $/ton), where the profit of Kashen mining and processing plant for the weight of the life of the deposit is chosen as the optimality criterion are made up. The patterns of the exploatation ore reserves and the stripping ratio change are revealed based on the area of the bottom of the open-pits under different scenarios of the world prices of copper. The respective nomograms have been constructed. It is determined that the optimal contours of open-pits, all other things being equal, depend on the actual content of the useful component in the ore massive, the extraction ratio of
the mineral from the bowels and the exploitation stripping ratio. The development of the Kashen copper-molybdenum deposit is most appropriate to be
carried out by an open-pit with an outer breading as by expanding the area of the open-pit bottom the exploitation ore reserves is higher than the increase of the exploitation stripping ratio.