The Kurdish factor in Iraq-gulf Arab states relations

The Arab world in transition

  • Mushegh Ghahriyan The Institute of Oriental Studies NAS RA
Keywords: Kurds, Gulf states, Iraq, rapprochement.


The paper aims to study the process of slow-going normalization of the relations of Iraq and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and the Kurdish factor in that context. The Kurdish issue is the most complicated problem in Iraq and poses threat to its integrity. Any country that has political and economic interests in Iraq and develops relationship with it also will have to deal with the ethnic and sectarian problems in the country, involving the Kurdish issue. The paper also examines the economic, political interests of the Gulf countries in Iraq and the Kurdish Region. It argues that the current political situation in the Middle East creates opportunities for rapprochement of the sides, however needs special, careful and balanced attitude from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries.

Author Biography

Mushegh Ghahriyan, The Institute of Oriental Studies NAS RA


Mushegh Ghahriyan, PhD

Research Fellow at the Department of International Relations, Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS RA. Main fields of his research are the Kurdish issue in Iraq and other countries of the Middle East, modern history of the Arab countries.