«Экспорт демократий» как технология колониального захвата


  • Э. Р. Григорьян Армянский государственный педагогический университет им. Х.Абовяна
Keywords: свобода, социальные формы, экспорт демократий, социальная инженерия, социальный цикл, колониальный захват.


 The article, from the standpoint of social engineering describes a social technology of "exporting democracy" and analyzes its successive stages. Not all stages are pre-programmed, some arise as a consequence of patterns of social and natural character. The presentation follows in two parallel plans: socio-humanitarian and natural-scientific, the latter case allows modeling and mathematical techniques. As a methodological toolkit is used the concept of types of social energy and related or corresponding types of social forms and organizational structures. Social technology of "export of democracy" is presented as a sequence of stages of the cycle of colonial occupation of any country. Each stage involves a specific type of social energy, which after the task is finished transforms in a different type of energy. But each type of energy needs and generates its own social form. There are ratios between the forms and the types of energy, based on the principles of extremeness. Every social form – meets and maximizes certain energy type. At the same time certain energy cost social forms are meant primarily to destroy the energy of the population which is unusable for colonial capture.

Author Biography

Э. Р. Григорьян, Армянский государственный педагогический университет им. Х.Абовяна

Григорьян Э.Р.
Армянский государственный педагогический университет им. Х.Абовяна (Армения, Ереван)