Ресурсы мягкой силы


  • Г. Д. Саргсян Ереванский государственный университет
Keywords: soft power, resources of soft power, Joseph Nye, culture, values, foreign policy, legitimacy, education, management, entrepreneurship, technological development, diaspora


Soft power is one of the most contested yet widely used terms in contemporary political science, most broadly defined as the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce. Currently soft power is regarded as a vital tool in states’ arsenal on the international arena, yet there is no universal algorithm of effective exercise of soft power. In this regard, examining and understanding the resources of soft power is a vital step towards its effective exercise. It also helps us to define the scope and limits of the term. The aim of this article is to present and compare approaches of various authors on the issue of resources of soft power, to evaluate their relevance for the contemporary soft power agenda and to explore the possibilities of measuring states' soft power resources.

Author Biography

Г. Д. Саргсян, Ереванский государственный университет

Саргсян Г.Д.
Ереванский государственный университет, факультет международных отношений, кафедра политических институтов и процессов (Армения, Ереван)