1050-летний университет Санаина


  • С. Т. Саргсян Институт истории НАН РА
Keywords: Санаин, Спасская церковь, духовная высшая школа-университет, 1050-летие


Armenian King Ashot III the Merciful and his wife Queen Hosrovanush in honor of her sons Smbat and Kyurike in 966 built the Church of the Saviour in Sanahin. It is believed that it was in the same year, the monastery was founded a spiritual high school (university), which began to flourish in times of Smbat II, when he his special decree recognized Sanahin monastery spiritual center of Tashir-Dzoraget, and she Spasskaya church became the mother church - Catholicosate. In Sanahin University taught "seven liberal arts", prepared intelligent spiritual and national figures. The University is also a major center for writing and had a rich library. An important part of the library was the works of the greatest thinkers of his time as Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni, Hovhannes Imastaser (first introduced expert method as the basis of educational and scientific programs), the manuscript of versatile development scholars such as Gregory Arasavordi, Anania Sanaentsi, Hovhannes Sarkavag, Grigor Tatevordi and others. Today, a little older, a little dark, and sometimes "bruised" 1050-year-old University of Sanahin is proud and imposing, like a stone document as a living testimony to all mankind that even many centuries ago we were inherent create universities and writing centers. Unfortunately, due to lack of their own state, we do not have the opportunity to publicly notify this reality. Today Sanahin proud and unwavering, with his height of states - Armenians always do good, to spread the teaching and writing, so they have always been, is and will be forever.

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