Перспективы развития геотермальной энергетики в Армении


  • С. Ф. Манукян Национальный политехнический университет Армении
Keywords: геотермальная энергетика, тенденции развития, Армения, перспективы


Worthwhileness of geothermal energy development in Armenia is substantiated in this article. The reasons are brought according to which development of not only geothermal but other sources of restored energy, especially wind and solar energy is a necessity in Armenia from statistical point of view conditioned by aspects of energy security, economic development and ecology. Global trends of geothermal energy development are studied in the article as well, which also talks about worthwhileness of such sphere development in Armenia. Certainly, in case of carrying out policy promoting renewable energy in our country even for a long time it can’t serve as the main source of energy provision but it can satisfy a part of energy needs, and its development will create new branches of industrial and service sector, promote development of new scientific fields and create many workplaces.

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С. Ф. Манукян, Национальный политехнический университет Армении

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