Основные тенденции мировой горнодобывающей отрасли и влияние на экономику Армении


  • С. Ф. Манукян Национальный политехнический университет Армении
Keywords: горная добыча, современные тенденции, экономика Армении


Appraisal of current state of the world economy, as well as behavior of market prices of metals conditioned by negative trends of global economy is studied in this article, which, in its turn, has an influence on the world mining condition. At present low prices level of metals is conditioned by “Chinese factor” and percentage rate policy of US Federal Reserve System. As a mater of course the Republic of Armenia couldn’t be refrained from it, export of which mainly depends on metal prices. The main trends and fundamental problems conditioned by external and internal factors in mining sphere in our economy are stated.

Author Biography

С. Ф. Манукян, Национальный политехнический университет Армении

Манукян С.Ф.
Национальный политехнический университет Армении (Армения, Ереван),
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