роцесс П поглощения Аджарии Турцией в контексте национальной безопасности Армении


  • А. Ю. Оганисян Российско-Армянский (Славянский) университет
Keywords: Южный Кавказ, Аджария, Турция, Армения, миграция, «ключ к Кавказу»


The Humanity is once again going through the historical cycle of the "Great Migration". People move to the places where they feel themselves more secure and have possibility to make money for feed their family. In the modern migratory chaos main attention is focused on Europe, where most of the refugees have moved from the Middle East and Africa. However, we must pay attention to the processes that are directly connected with our micro-region. The South Caucasus has a small in size states, which are located in a great geopolitical place. Thousands of years this states have been the political, economic and the cultural "bridge" connecting East and West, North and South.

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А. Ю. Оганисян, Российско-Армянский (Славянский) университет

Оганисян А. Ю.
Российско-Армянский (Славянский) университет, (Армения, Ереван)
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